PlaySchool (2-3 years old)

The youngest children community at NimbleBee is a gathering of children from twenty four (24) months of age to three (3) years who have established independent walking. Within a nurturing environment, specially trained Montessori teachers foster the development of gross and fine motor skills, independence and language.

A Montessori toddler environment at NimbleBee offers security and a sense of ownership of place and belonging within a community that’s cultivated through communal and parallel activities. It is highly unique in that is specifically prepared for the youngest children that is serves, and not the adults in the environment.

All activities that are part of the NimbleBee PlaySchool programme have tremendous value for the development of very young children. Not only do they provide solid basis for toddler’s social and education journey but also develop his/her innate joy for learning.

In a nutshell, the careful play work assembled within the PlaySchool classroom focuses on preparing our toddler community for a more independent life by way of fostering independence, coordination of movement, sense of order, language acquisition, power of concentration and social development.

These most profound and fundamental early years of life are protected and enhanced according to their characteristics and needs.

There are three session that operate from Monday to Friday every week to suit students and parents daily schedule.

Three Session Program

Nimble Dawn 8AM - 12 NOON
Nimble Rise 8AM - 3PM
Nimblebee Dusk 8AM - 6.30PM