Nimble Mandarin

In Nimblebee, we teach Mandarin Chinese language at a basic level and learn Chinese culture with interest. Students will learn Mandarin Chinese language based on the book context and learning materials provide by us. They will learn vocabulary and simple sentences pertaining to oneself, family, and school. They will be introduced to the necessary vocabulary and phrases needed on daily life pertaining to school activities, counting in mandarin, colors, shape, simple conversations, directions, family members, activities, hobbies, bodies, fruits, and animals.

Chinese Tonal, Chinese Han Yu Pinyin and Chinese characters will be introduced in every lesson. A combination of direct instruction and action instruction (songs, dance, movement, crafts, and videos) will be used to make lessons more comprehensible, and interesting. Homework will include exercise for every chapter, reading, writing, and coloring. The teaching of Mandarin Chinese language and culture will be taught with visual aids and audio aids.

Through this learning students will :

  • Understand the sound and pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese (pinyin and tones).
  • Understand simplified and traditional forms of Chinese characters.
  • Demonstrate an improved vocabulary and pronunciation related to names, family members, age, counting, shape, color and etc.