Goals & Motto

Our goals

Providing students with Islamic Montessori Method and a positive environment conducive to learning. Guiding the principles and ethics of Islamic Entrepreneurship based on exemplary conducts of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Incorporating critical thinking, analytical reasoning, effective communication, and problem solving skills leading to positive changes. Providing students to engage in ethical decision-making and applying Islamic principles based on the Quran and Sunnah in their daily lives.

Instilling in students universal values of honesty, respect, and self-discipline, and encouraging them to demonstrate these values through their actions. Directing students to build positive leadership capabilities, and to acquire essential life-skills to enable them to succeed and to become contributing citizens of a global community.

‘To attain success in this life and in the hereafter’

We believe that Islam is the universal religion that can benefit the entire world. The entire school setting fully adapts Islamic values, providing the “prepared environment” for a child to be a true Muslim. The ambience of the school is one of peace and serenity to best imbibe an Islamic Culture.

Thus, we also welcome non-Muslim children to benefit from the unique setting of our school without any element of force in learning Islam or becoming a Muslim. Non-Muslim children will greatly benefit from our high standard of moral values thus helping the child to be the best that he can be a productive, respectable and dignified citizen of the world.

Multi culture & belief policies​

Although our primary goal as Muslims is to seek for salvation that will bring us to an eternal life of everlasting peace, unity, harmony and joyous existence in life hereafter with our Creator, we believe that having success here in our physical world related directly to attaining entry into Jannah, our perfect paradise.

Success in this life falls under a very broad spectrum, one you might say as very objective. Despite each individual’s opinion about what constitutes a person’s success, one thing is clear that true success is one that brings about true happiness.

The only true happiness emanates from the knowledge of Allah SWT, the knowledge of His Mercy and Greatness and the knowledge that by obeying His Commands and imbibing the ways of our Holy Prophet Muhammad saw, we will be successful in this life thus will be assured of our rightful place in heaven.