Business Chance

Our Brand is young, fresh & vibrant. The opportunities offered are unlimited and best of all. Nimblebee Preschool always has room for more partners. Together we aim to continuously improve the early childhood education in Malaysia. Join us in this unique and successful business, become a Nimblebee licensee

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With Nimblebee you will not be starting a new venture alone. The teaching method, materials and trademarks will make your business stand out in the market, offer value to your target parents, and ensure that you profit from your investment.

With Islamic Montessori that has aligned with KSPK and Entrepreneurial approach, our aims to become the well-known Islamic Entrepreneurial Preschool not just restricted within Malaysia but South-East Asia as well. As entrepreneurship is an integral parts of Islamic religion, and the entrepreneur ethics based on exemplary conducts of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by our dynamic and dedicated team as they are ready to offer support.

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The use of our strong program of a well-known global method called Montessori that has aligned with KSPK (Kurikulum Standard Prasekolah Kebangsaan), as well as our guiding principles and ethics of Entrepreneurship, and excellent services helps strengthen either new or existing kindergarten.

You will have the advantage of our wonderful learning method and an exclusive wide range of learning and teaching material. The vast amount of know-how gathered within the Nimblebee will be an important source of support.

You have the guarantee of a protected license area. No other Nimblebee center and kindergarten using Nimblebee program will be allowed to operate where you do business in radius 3-5km (depending on the population density).

As a licensee you will enjoy these benefits and more while you maintain your independence. By actively participating in the network’s activities and program, you help determine the future of Nimblebee.

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So, what do you get?

  • An immediate income from your very own business.

  • Initial and ongoing training, business coaching and dedicated business support.

  • A business that will grow into the future – not just a job!

  • Industry leading back-end support attending to all administration, freeing you up to concentrate on business growth for your business.

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License Transfer

If running your own kindergarten has always appealed to you, but after years of running, you lose the audience and you don’t have enough financial to support the marketing fees to make your business run smoothly, consider upgrading your teaching method to Nimblebee program with very minimal fee. Most of the marketing will be done by headquarters, hence half of your works has already been managed by us. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Nimblebee for further information.

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What are we looking for ?

  • Early Childhood Education experience is preferred but not mandatory.

  • Well-developed people and business skills

  • A passion for children and customer service

  • The courage to make a better life for yourself!

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What are you waiting for ?

Golden Opportunity only knocks for once. Get to know more before you decide to invest. Kindly fill up form below and our Business Unit department will contact you with more details.