Award Winning Islamic International Preschool

Nimblebee connects Malaysian community through the Islamic Montessori Method.


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Providing student to engage in ethical decision-making and applying islamic principles based quran and sunnah.


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As a place of learning faith and friendship and we provide students with balanced academic, religious, social & emotional.


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Nimblebee motivates you child to stay on track and maintaining their fun activity to stay healthy on their health and education profile.


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What makes us unique is our strong and holistic education system.


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A wonderful serenity has taken possession in our Pre-School. We give modern and safe place for study in our Pre-School.


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We aims to produce well-rounded citizens who are knowledgeable, multi-skilled and productive.



We love to Speak with You!

Nimblebee Islamic Entrepreneurial Prechool is an accredited private school that provides a premier educational child care experience. Interested to send your children to Nimblebee? Fill the form below, we will contact you and who knows you will get gift from us, we love u!



Eg.Mohd Adam Bin Abd Rahman



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