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Parents Love Us, Have a Look!

Our school has received much positive feedback from parents whose children enrolled in our school. You can read some of their feedback below.

I honestly recommend this school to all my friends and family. I am so happy with the progress my daughter has made in her first year at Nimblebee. The teachers are warm-hearted, passionate and friendly and it genuinely feels like a family. I was amazed by the schooling method and I believed this was the right school for Khayra to gain knowledge and skills required of a child her age. The report on student’s performance was fabulous, as it’s not only tell on how/what she was doing/learning, it's also gave information on how she's interact with her peers and level of concentration in her studies, which was a real insight.

Nimblebee Web Hana Khayra Zandra Parents

Honestly, I didn't aspect much since my daughter is in PlaySchool Class. But, in every class, Aisyah will show her activities. Which is very good to improved her motor skills. Since Nimblebee ada based islamic, so I'm looking forward to see what children her age will learn. Surprisingly it's more than I've imagine! Dia hafal Al-Fatihah, Surah 3 Qul walau tak berapa lancar but still good! Selalu dengar Aisyah sebut-sebut setiap bacaan dalam solat, Tahiyat Awal. It's beyond my expectation and she's only 3! Alhamdulillah.

Nimblebee Web Testimoniall Aisyah Zahirah

I am so relieved that Ali feels more happier at Nimblebee. He gains more self-confidence now, talkative, independent and more discipline at home. He can control his behaviour so well and we saw a lot of improvement since his joining Nimblebee. We are fully satisfied with Nimblebee and we believe that better generation will be produced

Testimonial Parents Nimblebee Vista

"Alhamdulillah..Raisha Insyirah (3 years old) with Nimblebee. She keep mentioning how good the teachers are...that is the most important to me. kalau pasang zikir, Raisha kata "hah ummi, ini lah yg teacher Cha ajar kat school.. Cha loves school so much."

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After leaving one of the special school that my son attended last year, we are having a hard time in finding a pre-school that willing to accept Mirza even though he gets a recommendation letter from the Hospital. After visiting Nimblebee, Alhamdulillah, teachers in Nimblebee accepts him. Teachers in Nimblebee may look young, but they are full of passions, willing to learn and cooperate a lot with us (family) in order to ensure positive progress for Mirza's development.

“Nimblebee makes us feel that we're not just part of a school, but part of a family. We love the fact that Nimblebee sees our children as individuals. They make the school fit the child, not the child fit the school.Our children have grown amazingly and blossomed in this Entrepreneurial Montessori environment.”

"Anak saya salah seorg pelajar di sini. Walaupun baru 5 bulan di sini, banyak surah yang lancar dihafalnya malah doa-doa dan bacaan dalam solat juga sudah lancar dibacanya. Tenaga pengajar yang bagus dan suasana pembelajaran juga sangat baik."

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