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NIMBLEBEE Islamic Entrepreneurial Preschool have six campus that located within Klang Valley in the first year of its operation. Recently, we have expanding our campus into emerging locations, make a total of eight campus within Klang Valley.

Most of the campuses located in the urban city which makes everything’s on the doorstep be it Shah Alam or Kuala Lumpur, with a number of attractions, important services and facilities as well as entertainment venues within easy reach.


At NimbleBee Islamic Entrepreneurial Preschool, we understands your concerns and we have made it a priority to offer only the best facilities for our students. We treat and teach every child EXCLUSIVELY and we’re offer only the best for your child’s future! We chose our furniture carefully and make sure it is safe for your children.

We are the pioneer (Malaysia) in equip your child with the skills of basic entrepreneurship and business. In NimbleBee Islamic Entrepreneurial Preschool we create learning opportunities for your wonderful kids to do amazing things and explore their imaginative world!




Acces Door

tadika nimblebee mandarin

IT Lab




Musical Instrument


Kids Gym

Campus Location

tadika vista alam shah alam nimblebee

Vista Alam, Shah Alam

tadika subang bestari nimblebee

Star Avenue, Subang Bestari

tadika alam impian nimblebee

Alam Impian, Shah Alam

tadika setia alam nimblebee

Setia Alam, Shah Alam

tadika sri hartamas nimblebee

Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

tadika maxim sentul nimblebee

Maxim Sentul Kuala Lumpur

tadika desa mentari sunway nimblebee

Desa Mentari Sunway

Tadika Rawang Nimblebee

Taman Rawang Tin


Emerald Rawang


HQ Nimblebee, Vista Alam